Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring skiing with Holly

Well, quite the break from the blog. 2013 was always going to be difficult. While I did manage to get out a fair bit, there was much more of this.

Painting is a mugs game

Looks good when its done though

And this

The new skirting boards impressed the Mrs

And attending of these

D & C's wedding at Newcastle

my new brother in law

Happy at the wedding

Than this

Lady Northcote Canyon Kosciuszko National Park

Nonetheless, the odd adventure did take place. Lets go back to October and my last day out skiing in 2013 with Holly. The week before Peter and I had scored some great late season snow off the back of Thredbo and I was keen to hit it again. There were lots of people around enjoying the spring conditions both inbounds and out in the BC. Getting ready in the car park I ran into both Darren and Skifree, regulars in the Australian BC.

We bought our cheap passes and got the lift up to Eagles Nest. The Basin was immaculately groomed and we couldn't resist bombing a few laps.

We hit the Summit Trail and made our way out to the Ramshead Range.

Leaving Thredbo

The rock pyramid and a random nordic skier

She made it

Still heaps of snow off the south ridge of Kosciuszko in spring

The snow was actually pretty fun and Holly and I spend some time laying turns.

Holly has really improved over the past couple of years and is really enjoying her skiing. What she isn’t enjoying is her heavy touring rig; Salomon Quests and Marker Tour F12 bindings. She has had really difficulties with heal lift in the quests causing some nasty blisters. Probably time we coughed up for a light Dynafit rig for her.

Anyway, it was a lovely spring day out sharing the mountains.


  1. Great to see you around again mate and nice to catch up with you guys. Looking forward to the season.

  2. Thanks Darren, cant wait to get amongst it this season!