Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cashing in: A day trip surfing the NSW far south coast

The last months or so has been pretty hectic at work with little time for recreational pursuits. Fortunately I work for an understanding, flexible organisation, and when a rare winter northeast swell was predicted I took the opportunity to cash in my overtime and head to the coast. I left the mountains in the afternoon and had my tent pitched at the beach by 6:30. A takeaway burger and an episode of Game of Thrones and I was fast asleep and cosy in my sleeping bag.

Country living!

Sunset at the coast

I woke at dawn. There is no rush to get into the surf on the far south coast of NSW. Even during school holidays, the endless options and cold water keeps the crowds down. I had a fantastic surf at Moruya breakwall alone.

Good morning

The breakwall

Beautiful waves!

After my first surf, I spent an hour driving around on reconnaissance looking for options for another trip. I found this great setup but didn't have time to trek out to it.

Around Broulee

Saving this for next time

There is a rivermouth in the area that I have heard whispers about. Stuck behind the retiree drivers I slowly made my way out to the entrance. Checking a new spot, especially with good swell and offshore winds, leads to extreme excitement. I sprinted the last 50m and took in the sight of left and right peelers with no one out. I couldn't jump in my wetsuit fast enough.

Chunky rivermouth right handers

and the left

Who needs indo!

It was an incredible surf, perhaps one of the best of my life. Certainly the best in recent memory.

I had a quick bite to eat and it was onto the next nameless, empty beach. Punchy right hand wedges. My arms were shattered from the two hours spent battling the river mouth currents but I had to get back out there.

onto the next beach, punchy right handers wedging off an outer bombora


I lasted probably another hour or so before a rouge set washed me back into shore. With all my muscles burning and cramping I decided to call it a day. I got back into the mountains just in time to watch the sunset over the endless horizon, a fantastic, rejuvenating 24 hours.

Sunset on the Monaro Plains


  1. Nice sunrise and wave shots. A day away from the office does wonders!

  2. Hey thanks Linda, its a beautiful spot. A day away really clears the head!

  3. The lucky country....Nice trip mate.

  4. Thanks Darren, it sure is!