Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Japan 2012: All headlights so dazzling

“All nights should be so dark, all winters so warm, all headlights so dazzling." Martin Cruz Smith, Gorky Park

I've been a bit quiet on the blog front for the past couple of weeks. Honestly, I have been struggling with how to write about my time in Japan. The path through life throws up some interesting challenges; relationships, friendships, love, regret, stress, happiness and probably the hardest, death.

I started reading Gorky Park while in Japan. A Dickensian insight into communist era Russia, my Father had given me a beat up old copy. Relaxing on my hard Japanese bed after another epic day of skiing I was immediately struck by the first line in the book (reproduced above). Dark and sombre, strong and effusive… oxymoronic.

Skiing and travelling around Japan this year was everything it is cracked up to be. Epic snow (the word epic does not give the conditions justice), delicious food, amazing culture and good times with friends. However, it won’t be for these aspects that I will remember the trip. On our final evening, after celebrating a successful trip, a member of our group fell down a steep embankment into a creek while walking home and tragically passed away from the injuries he sustained. A freak accident that has reverberated throughout the tight nit communities of the Australian Snowy Mountains, the Gold Coast and the ski villages of Niseko United.

I had only just met Fitzy, but I wont forget his infectious smile and easy going outlook on life. Fitzy, if only all were so dazzling.


  1. Pini, I have just landed home from my Japan trip - so sorry to hear of your lost :-(

  2. Thanks Ozgirl (btw, can't wait to see some of your pics).

  3. Wow, that's terrible. I'm sorry to hear about that and it must have been hard to even do a post about it...

  4. Thanks Greg, tragic way to end an otherwise awesome trip. I was unsure on whether to post this but felt it was the right thing to do for those who were really close to him.