Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paralyser / Familiar Lines

Well, another week, and another few runs out on the Paralyser enjoying the spring conditions.

We were treated to a small amount of fresh snow. Ryan and I dropped off the back of Mt Perisher scoring some nice fresh down to the creek.

Ryan is making the transition form snowboarding to telemark skiing with hilarious and sometimes dangerous results. He survived the first pitch and we began the hike up to the Paralyser.

After a brief rest I dropped in. The snow was light dry wind blown powder, only around 5cm deep but great.

Skinning back to the resort I tried to nail the elusive snow gum photo. Striking trees with their gnarled branches and multicolour skin, even burnt out they are beautiful. Photos never seem to do them justice.

Out on the Paralyser I eyed off the next mountain. Although there is a trig station at its peak, it doesn’t seem to have a name.

The view out to the main range was spectacular

The snow had softened but I still had a nice run down to Farm Creek.

I have recently jumped onto the Dynafit bandwagon and I have to say they have been a bit of a revelation. It was so nice touring without having to carry my heel piece with me. I love the tech involved as well, its so cool how everything works so perfectly together.


  1. I love the photos! I detect a bit of polarizer action with those fantastic blue skies! You're right about snow gums, a beautiful, unique tree for sure...

  2. Thanks Greg, I would normally use a polarizer on my slr but these were all shot on my crappy p+s and stills from my gopro. I was also a little amazed how blue the sky came out.

    Photos of snow gums never seem to do them justice. A remarkable tree and so much more interesting than those of the northern hemisphere.