Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An early Spring mixed bag

Well the last few weeks have been a bit of mixed bag. Usually August is the best month for skiing in Australia. This year it has been crap. We have had unseasonably warm weather for the past 3 weeks and a number of heavy rain days.

Despite the fizzer that has been the 2011 season, I have still managed to have some fun days out. A few cruisy days touring, another dusting of pow, some fun resort days and a few days on Nordics.

I’ve also been doing a lot of fishing in the afternoons but unfortunately haven’t been too successful. All I have managed to land was a small brown. On the other hand, my Dad has been killing it. Last week he landed two solid rainbows within ten minutes. I was fishing just metres from him and got nothing.

Holly and I had a great day in the resort

She even did Olympic, one of he hardest black runs at Perisher

I went for quick tour and got some nice spring slush. I hit one wind loaded bump and produced a nice shooting crack.

Still lots of snow on the Main Range

We then had a small storm that produced 5-10cm. I managed two very quick runs in the wet fresh. It was nice to see the snow gums covered again.

Next up my friends Troy and Kate came and visited us for a weekend. We had a great day skiing around the resort.

Holly and I spent a great sunny Sunday on the Nordic skis. We are both novices and it was fun skiing around the cross country loops as the very serious racers in their skin tight suits skied by.

Finally, an evening fishing on the lake with Mum and Dad.

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  1. Looks like you guys are having fun and thats what it is all about! Good on Holly for doing Olynpic. I have never actually ridden that T.

    It would be good to meet you guys one weekend. Are you guys staying around this summer?