Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home (and some bonus aussie pow & gnar)

Well, after a 2 hour drive to Heathrow, a 3 hour flight to Helsinki, a 5 hour stopover, a 10 hour flight to Bangkok, a 5 hour stopover, a 9 hour flight to Sydney, a taxi, a flat car battery, a 6 hour drive to Jindabyne (with 3 double shot coffees and a coke) I am finally home :).

I had an awesome time in Europe. So many photos and stories to share once the dust settles.

In the meantime, check out these vids of some of Australia’s “Men of the Backcountry” scoring some great oz pow conditions whilst I was tanning on the med.

Men of the Backcountry 2011 - Part 1 from James Morrow on Vimeo.

The boys also hit this line, possibly a first descent. I’m pretty jealous and very keen to get back out there.

Men of the Backcountry 2011 - Part 2 from James Morrow on Vimeo.

*shout outs to James (www.ozbc.net.au), Rohan and Dibble for the vid and pics. Bit of discussion regarding the vids here and here.

Friday, July 8, 2011

im in Helsinki

As the title would suggest, I am currently in Helsinki. Here for another day then heading to the UK for the missus' brothers wedding. After the wedding we are going to my ancestral home, the Aeolian Islands in Italy and then back to oz.

Plenty of photos and stories of adventure once im home, until then, peace.

Islands off Helsinki 07/07/2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

An Escape

Yesterday I snuck off to one of my favourite slackcountry runs, The Paralyser. While the area is hardly a secret, and is relatively easy to access from Perisher, it is usually uncrowded. My attempt to escape the school holiday crowds got me thinking about the importance of having some sort of outlet where it is possible to escape the daily grind, the mundane or just a crowded ski run.

Growing up in Sydney, I found the solitude I needed surfing. To avoid crowds my mate Jon and I would get a bus to Maroubra Beach and hit the water as the sun rose. It was a good feeling sitting at school tired, sandy and salty. Once we could drive, there were endless surf trips up and down the coast trying to find the perfect, and importantly, uncrowded wave.

When I was a city slicker I would surf most morning before work and spend my lunch breaks in book and ski shops escaping the city grind. My favourite place to switch off for an hour was an antique print room, rifling through sketches and charts from Australias early days. The sketches of some of our weird animals were fascinating, what must have people thought seeing a platypus or a kangaroo for the first time? Equally fascinating were the early charts by Captain James Cook and co.

I have taken a similar approach to skiing, always looking for that secret line that no one has hit. Getting more into alpine touring the past few years has been a revelation. Ironically the very people I was escaping from at Perisher are on holidays at the resort attempting to escape their own lives!