Tuesday, June 7, 2011

South Coast Winter Surfing & Camping

With all the early snow we have had this year, I have mainly been climbing and sliding over the last few weeks. I was starting to yearn for the ocean and it was time for a saltwater soaking.

Holly and I left the mountains early on Saturday morning taking the familiar drive to Pambula. Surf wise, this past autumn has been one of the best for years with numerous east coast lows producing consistent east groundswells. Arriving at Pambula the effects of the first system of winter were evident. A clean 6ft swell was hitting the coast.

There is a great river mouth left hander in the area. I like to think of it as an Australian mini Mundaka. When I arrived there were only 5 blokes out with nice long waves reeling through. I paddled across the scary, cold, bar into the lineup and got some great waves. One I go felt like it went for 500m. A pod of dolphins surfed a set. It was nice to be back in the water.

Australian Mundaka

After the surf we hit up the local fish shop for some fresh sushi, something severely lacking up in the mountains. We drove to a beautiful campsite in the Mimosa Rocks National Park checking some other beaches on the way.

We pitched the tent metres from the beach, although the surf was massive out of control closeouts. The view was spectacular however. We watched the sunset and had chili con carne and beers by the fire. It was a bitterly cold night and holly and I froze our asses off in the tent. We really need to invest in some winter bags. I woke up early and enjoyed the misty sunrise.

Crap photo, nice campsite

Local wildlife


… and sunrises

The surf was still pumping on Sunday

I went for a surf at a small pocket beach in the National Park. Although pretty much out of control I managed to dodge the bombs and get a few waves. Despite all the great waves around over the weekend this is the one of the only photos of me on a wave and it is a crap one, oh well.

We hit up Tathra Bakery for a feed and hit the road. Back in the mountains it was cold and windy as a new storm front moved through. It was a little amusing to see my wetsuit hanging out on the clothes line as sleet began to fall.


  1. Some great photos there! Lovely scenery, and you're lucky that you have all these options available nearly on your doorstep =)

  2. Thanks Hendrik, much appreciated! By the way, thanks also for your awesome blog :)