Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Couldn’t Resist – Quick Ski May 11

It was very cold today, the occasional snow flurry would pass. The mountains were shrouded in cloud.

I was fortunate to finish work a little early. Sitting at home after work another intense snow flurry passed. There was around 20cm up on the hill according to friends working up there.

Although I went to Canada back in Jan, I couldn’t resist, I needed a ski. I got all my gear together and hit the road.

There was heaps of snow on the road. The gaps, Rennix, Danas and Perisher View were icey and snowy. I made it to Perisher, booted up, and started climbing.

The snow was deep and heavy. In places it was over knee deep.

I made it to the top of Front Valley in around 20mins. One of the crappest runs in Australia, but I had it alone, with deep (sloppy) powder.

Front Valley

Old rock hoppers

The fellas from this lodge were stuck in the carpark as the access road has not been cleared.

I skied down. It was bottomless in that I sunk down to the underlying grass. I did manage a few nice turns on the steeper pitches. In general however, it was as you would expect, slow and heavy. I didn’t bother getting any pics of my lines. It was getting dark and I wanted to hit the road.

At the bottom, first oz turns of 2011

The Foz handled the conditions exceptionally

Pretty crap photos but it was a cold and rushed and the light was shit. So stoked to get some turns in. Hopefully this storm marks the start of the season and I can hit some better terrain soon. Peace :)

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