Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blenheim Festival (Part 1)

My old mate Sandow, who I lived with as a ski bum in Canada, lives on a farm in the Clare Valley region of South Australia. Despite being a keen snowboarder, surfer and kite boarder, the farm is nowhere near the ocean or the mountains.

A few years ago, Sandow, and some of his mated decided to build a mini ramp in an old barn on his property. The project ended with the entire structure being renovated with a pub decked out with a PA and instruments, a few chill out room and of course the mini ramp.

To celebrate the completion of the ramp the fellas decided to have a party. The event has now morphed into a festival with a number of bands and heaps of people coming from all over, this year there was over 250 people.

We live pretty far from Sandows farm and haven’t been to the festival before. With the super long Easter weekend this year we decided we would drive the 1400km to Clare and check it out.

The idea was to surprise Sandow as he didn’t know we were all doing the mish to SA. We met up with some other friends a short drive from the farm. Its a bit of a long story, but we ended up surprising him dressed in boiler suits with the word ALGERIA spelt out along our backs (this relates to a nickname we had for Sandow when we all lived in Canada together). He was pretty surprised but stoked that we all made.

Anyway, enough chat , we had an awesome night dancing the night away.

Calm before the storm

It’s a nice spot

Skate action

Old Mate

A giant moth

The evenings entertainment

The morning after... punks not dead he’s just gone to bed

We hung around the farm for a few days after the festival, more to follow in the next instalment.

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