Friday, May 27, 2011

Snowshoeing in May

Holly and I went snowshoeing last week while the hoards took advantage of Perishers early opening of front valley.

The snow was melting fast but there was still enough to get out there and make a snowman. It was quite windy but we found a nice little protected spot behind a rock.

The hike back to the car was nearly a bush bash as the snowline climbed upwards as we moved downwards.

It was great to be out in peace and quiet of the mountains.

I was skiing out here a couple of weeks ago, looking a bit bare now

Friday, May 20, 2011

Autumn Waves

The waves have been awesome this autumn. Unfortunately, living in the mountains I don’t get to the coast as much as I like. I had a weekend in Sydney though a couple of week ago and scored some awesome waves on the NSW South Coast and also in the busy Sydney line-up.

Beautiful morning

Sydney slab

Down south



Back in Sydney

Goin down

Where I grew up

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mt Northcote - First Oz BC Day of 2011, 15 May

With all the snow we had last week I was keen to check out conditions on the main range. I had been chatting to Snow Blowey who made the call to check out Mt Northcote. He ended up pulling out so it was a solo mission.

I hit the trail at around 10am. Not an early start but it was a Sunday! My new boots, Dynafit Zzeus’, were a bit sore for the first half hour but quickly warmed up.

Approaching Mt Northcote

I crossed over Club Lake Creek and approached the Mt Northcote summit via Mt Clarke. The view over to the Carruthers chutes was awesome, cant wait to hit these one day.

I made the summit had a quick bite to eat and then hit it. The snow was nice at the top. On the lower slopes, I had to stick to the drainage lines to avoid big clumps of grass and heath and the odd rock.

Stoked first BC line of the oz 2011 season

After Mt Northcote I slapped the skins back on and hiked up Mt Lee. A bit of boot packing was required on some steep icey sections.

The view from the top was amazing and offered a great perspective of Mt Northcote with Mt Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest mountain, in the background.

Mt Clarke and Mt Northcote

The view to the west was also beautiful

I skied down Mt Lee, around 400m vertical and made it all the way back to the stepping stones at the Snowy River, a ski over 3.5km of gentle slope. The snow was nice and fresh in places and boiler plate in others. The slow ski back gave me an opportunity to take in the stunning views.

The slog up to the car was the usually hard haul after a long day touring. I got one last glance of the Mt Northcote peak before heading home satisfied with my first proper day skiing in Oz of 2011 under the belt.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Couldn’t Resist – Quick Ski May 11

It was very cold today, the occasional snow flurry would pass. The mountains were shrouded in cloud.

I was fortunate to finish work a little early. Sitting at home after work another intense snow flurry passed. There was around 20cm up on the hill according to friends working up there.

Although I went to Canada back in Jan, I couldn’t resist, I needed a ski. I got all my gear together and hit the road.

There was heaps of snow on the road. The gaps, Rennix, Danas and Perisher View were icey and snowy. I made it to Perisher, booted up, and started climbing.

The snow was deep and heavy. In places it was over knee deep.

I made it to the top of Front Valley in around 20mins. One of the crappest runs in Australia, but I had it alone, with deep (sloppy) powder.

Front Valley

Old rock hoppers

The fellas from this lodge were stuck in the carpark as the access road has not been cleared.

I skied down. It was bottomless in that I sunk down to the underlying grass. I did manage a few nice turns on the steeper pitches. In general however, it was as you would expect, slow and heavy. I didn’t bother getting any pics of my lines. It was getting dark and I wanted to hit the road.

At the bottom, first oz turns of 2011

The Foz handled the conditions exceptionally

Pretty crap photos but it was a cold and rushed and the light was shit. So stoked to get some turns in. Hopefully this storm marks the start of the season and I can hit some better terrain soon. Peace :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blenheim Festival (Part 3)

The road to Blenheim from our house is long and flat. When we leave the mountains we won’t see another hill till the Clare Valley in SA. The distance is around 1,400km, over the trip we covered over 3,000km.

There is one particularly flat section called the Hay Plains, around 500km of pretty much flat, treeless, red, scrub.

Although it would seem that hours in the car would be boring, I really enjoyed the journey. Its rare, in our busy lives, that we have hours to talk, listen, watch and get lost in our thoughts.

On the road

I love bakery’s on the road

Water in the Murrumbidgee

Star wars


Murray water


Sunsets & Eagles

Back in the mountains


Delanys Hut