Sunday, April 10, 2011

Contender for wedding of the century

My good mate Matty got married to the beautiful Sam last week. It was an awesome day.

I first met Matty while living and working at Sunshine Village in Banff for the 2005/6 season. We had an awesome season riding and partying.

Matty and I bartending at a party in Canada

In the heli

With Sunshine Suzy, his beast

Since we have both returned to Oz we have stayed good mates riding the highs and lows of life.

Hiking out of Thredbo

Last season Matty and Sam came to stay with us in Jindabyne to ride the aussie alps. Their timing was perfect, they scored the best week of the season. Matty had told me before he came down that he was thinking of proposing to Sam. He ended up dropping the knee at the Lake Crackenback Resort. Sam was stoked and accepted. We met them in Thredbo for a few beers then had an awesome dinner to celebrate at the Crackenback Resort restaurant.

After the proposition, Holly, me, Matty and Sam

The wedding was organised for the first weekend of April and was held in the Hunter Valley. Holly and I left Jindy and drove to Sydney on a Friday after work. I got up for a nice early surf on Saturday morning. The waves were small and clean and the sunrise was beautiful.

We made it north to the hunter got ready and scored a lift to the wedding. It was a beautiful, although a little windy, afternoon. We had an awesome night chowing down on good food, drinking good beer and wine and dancing the night away with good mates.

Sam doing the walk

Psyching up for the service

Dancing the night away with the happy couple and some of Australia’s best underground mountain dudes

The Canadian connection, 80 wings covered in Franks Hot Sauce

...... after the wedding

Holly and I woke up bleary eyed on Sunday. Luckily we got an extra hour of sleep due to the end of day light saving. We went to a little café for breaky. They had a heap of Alpacas, amazing animals!

We went to our favorite vineyard, The Hanging Tree, and stocked up on delicious Hunter Shiraz and SSB.

Hanging Tree vineyard and rose garden.

I had taken on photo duties at other good friends, Bolz and Sam’s, wedding last year (another contender for wedding of the century). To thank us, they gave us a voucher for Doyles which we gratefully used back in Sydney on Sunday night. We went with my parents and stuffed ourselves silly on delicious fresh seafood

Mum and Dad

Holly and I

Stuffed after the feed

We spent Monday in Sydney drinking good coffee and eating Japanese food, then hit the road back to the mountains.

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