Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ridiculously Cute Mountain Critters

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to go pygmy possuming in Kosci National Park. Definitely something I won’t forget. We truly have some amazing little critters in this country.

Mountain Pygmy Possum

Holly pretending to be a ranger and ecologist

Antechinus, careful they bite!

Broad Toothed Rat, sort of like an Australian guinea pig.

A few moths

...and a common bush rat for reference

To follow up on my pygmy possuming day, I was hanging around the Jindabyne NPWS office and came across an orphaned swamp wallaby joey. Mum had been killed in a car accident and the cute little thing was being cared for by one of the dedicated LAOKO volunteers.

She spends most of her time as a pouch potato in the back pack

Occasionally she is allowed out for a cuddle

Even rarer still, she gets out for a bounce around

Then its nap time

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