Friday, March 18, 2011

Deeper USA & Canada: Part 3

Day 11 - Revelstoke
We got up early, around 5am, and started the drive to Revelstoke. I was travelling with some friends who own a dodgy old mondeo that has no heating. This meant I had to spend the entire journey in a sleeping bag. The weather and roads were pretty crazy and I was a bit scared we would come off the road, it got especially hairy around Rogers Pass. We stopped at Timmy Horts in Golden for breaky and then continued onto Revi.

I have a good old friend from Banff, Marco, who has settled in Revelstoke. He is a gun skier and I was pumped to ski with him again. We had a large group but owing to Marco’s reputation for tight, steep trees runs no one was keen to join us for the day.

I spent the day doing some of the craziest, steepest and deepest tree runs I have ever encountered. Marco knew all the secret spots. The first run alone, following the gondola line, was around 700m vertical of leg burning, trees in knee deep powder.

Marco – Man of Powder

Things didn’t let up for the rest of the day and by the time I met up with the rest of the gang in the afternoon I was absolutely shattered.

After skiing and getting sorted at our accom (Poppies Guesthouse – great option in Revi) we checked out the town pool which was great for my aching muscles. We had dinner at, what has to be one of the best ski town pubs in the world, The Village Idiot. Awesome food and typically large servings.

Day 12 - Revelstoke
What an epic day Day 12 turned out to be. We were up and at em and at the bottom of the Gondola in time for the first lift. Going up the gondola I was loosing it looking at the clear skies and another 30-40cm of fresh powder.

Everyone in the group was keen for a day with Marco so we were all together again. We did a few runs on the South Bowl.

We waited around ten minutes with what seemed like everyone on the hill while patrol cleared the North Bowl. Once the rope went down it was on for young and old. Luckily we had our old mate Marco with us and he took us to a secret entrance that had no tracks down it. I dropped in second and carved some great turns down the bowl and into the treeline.

Our second run down North Bowl was similar, again a secret entrance into an untracked bowl and into the trees.

After we had done North Bowl with hit the Ripper chair for a few tree runs.

To finish the day we went for a short hike past the South Bowls. Looking down, the snow was still quality and untouched. I dropped in and craved up the bowl, looking back at my handy work I hit a bit of chop and came a cropper. I took a moment to lie in the powder and grin about what an epic day it had been.

The run down from the South Bowl to the base was 1700m of knee deep trees and glades, one of the best runs of my life.

We all met at the bottom and had a well earned beer. My parents has also had an awesome day and managed a few powder turns.

Make sure you do some leg squats before skiing with this man

I went for a bit of a wander round revi to get some photos as the sun went down.

After such a massive day we were starving so we cooked a huge bolognaise at our house. After dinner it was time to say goodbye to Marco till I am back.

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