Monday, March 28, 2011

The Cascade & Rennix Trails

Saturday – Cascade Trail

A few guys at work have been talking about going for a ride on the weekend. I have an absolutely crap bike and to date haven’t been too keen. However, while hanging on my balcony one Friday my neighbour/boss asked if I wanted to go for a ride, it sounded fun so I was in.

We were going with another neighbour who is one of the keenest and most experienced riders and backcountry fellas in the area. We met at his house on Saturday morning and were on the road to Thredbo around 8:30.

Did I mention my crap bike? I got it for $150 as an ex hire from a store in Jindy. It is basically a piece of crap. The best things going for it are that it has disc brakes, front suspension and it moves. Not to worry I thought, it would be ok for the ride.

We decided to do the Cascade Trail to Cascade Hut. It is 8km each way and has some really nice hills. At the carpark we got our gear together, it was at this time that I realised my front brakes were feeling a little light on. Upon further inspection it became apparent that the disc pads had some how fallen out meaning I had no front brakes. I made the decision to take on the ride anyway, I still had rear brakes right?

We hit the ride and it was immediately evident that my fitness is a little low at the moment. I managed to struggle up the hill to Bobs Ridge, it felt like a km of vertical but was closer to 200m. There is a really nice run down to the hut, unfortunately with no front brakes it was more survival. I spent the descent with a locked up rear wheel, it was kind of fun but not ideal.

We got to the hut in around an hour and half. Our guide reckons he can do it in 45min normally. We had a quick break and took some photos. It’s a really nice spot.

We got back on the bikes and hit the road back up to Bobs Ridge. Me and my boss were really struggling at this stage and took numerous breaks on the way up. When we finally hit the top our guide was having a nap under a tree. The run back to the car was again a locked up rear wheel affair but still fun.

The mountains are looking awesome, can’t wait for some snow on them.

We met the ladies at thredbo and had a nice expensive lunch in the village.

Sunday - Rennix

On Sunday me and the gf were keen to do a walk on the main range. I had a few ideas but the weather was shocking at high elevations. We turned around at sponars and considered what to do with the rest of the day. Driving back we noticed the Rennix walk turnoff and thought it would be worth a look. We parked, got our shit together and hit the track.

Rennix has got to be one of the most boring walks I have ever done. The whole track is 13km return. We managed about 2km before we were over it and turned around back to the car. Some of the highlights included a small orange butterfly, a mountain grasshopper and a tree with a big glob of caterpillars on it.

Seriously though, there were a few nice spots. At one point we could see the main range.

And there were some nice flowers and old trees around.

We got back to the car went home and hit the couch.

A pretty good weekend all up.

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